Cybernetyx Quriosity 75

Cybernetyx Quriosity 75

  • Anti-glare coating, toughened safety glass and scratch-resistant screen, session recorder
  • AI Curated Content Unlimited access to curated content through KSAR
  • Screen Casting & File Sharing
  • Kneura CLOUD Cloud-powered AI Insights to offer Personalized learning to students in an optimized teaching environment
  • Learning Through Videos, Texts & Images
  • Multi-User Collaboration

Description of product

Quriosity, a 4K-UHD Interactive Panel with built-in teaching tools and a classroom management system, is a perfect replacement for traditional blackboards and IWBs in schools.

Experience the joy of ultra-smooth writing, annotating and teaching on 4K Ultra High-Definition Quriosity Interactive Panel, bundled with an array of assistive teaching tools and AI Powered learning Platform Kneura Cloud. 


OSKneura OS Android version
Size75 Inches
Panel Typea slim frame display of 14mm on anti-glare coated toughened glass panel
Onboardin-built Single Board Computer (SBC) and 1.5 GHz ARM board
Speakerstwo speakers of 15 watts
Compatible OSWindows, Mac and Linux.
Screen Casting & File SharingCompatible with all devices and allows screen casting and file sharing through a companion app.

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