Electric Projection Screen

Electric Projection Screen


  • 8K 4K Ultra HD 3D Ready
  • Adjust screens to your desire position to fit any presentation. Compatible with the following aspect ratio : 4:3, 16:9, and 2.35:1
  • Black material backing increases brightness and eliminates light penetration. Allows a clear and sharp presentaion without loss of projected light.

Description of product

The screen material is the most versatile screen surface for front projection presentations. This material provides the widest possible viewer angles with perfect diffusion uniformity while giving precise definition, image color reproduction and black & white contrast. Recommended for rooms with controlled lighting. Works with Standard, 1080P/4K projectors..


Specification This projector Screen is 84-inch Diagonal, 16:9 Aspect Ratio. View Size:73.2" W x 41.2" H. White Case. A Green Guard Certified 8K / 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Ready FRONT Projection Screen Material featuring a 180° Viewing Angle and 1.0 Gain. Mounting Kit Included Wood screws x2, Dry wall anchor x2. Easily installs to wall or ceiling. Motorized Projector Screen Kit Includes: Long Distance Radio Frequency Remote, and Wireless 12V Trigger to Auto Sync. Screen down/up with Projector on/off.
Country of Origin USA
Brand Elitescreens

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