ODM DisplayPort to HDMI Converter Cables

ODM DisplayPort to HDMI Converter Cables


  • This simplifies the system and reduces the number of failure points. It is perfect for applications that require a video connection between a new laptop or desktop and an HDMI?enabled display
  • The DP to HDMI cable adapter does not any require software installation to provide a true plug and play experience. It is ideal for applications like conference rooms, corporate offices and even home offices and is the perfect solution for connecting laptops and desktop computers to a variety of displays.

Description of product

DP-Male/HDMI-Male Cable is perfect for connecting a DisplayPort source directly to an HDMI monitor or display. The male−to−male configuration eliminates the extra cable connection required by adapters with a male−to− female configuration.


Specification ODM DisplayPort to HDMI adapter cable makes it easy to share audio video from a DisplayPort equipped laptop or desktop computer to an HDTV, monitor or projector with a HDMI input. This adapter cable carries a digital audio video signal, supports up to 4k resolution and meets the requirements of the user.
Brand ODM

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