ODM VGA with Audio Cable

ODM VGA with Audio Cable


  • Featuring durable design, moulded connector ends with strain relief & eliminates the picture ghosting and fuzzy images, ensuring users a reliable signal transmission.
  • The Ferrite core provided in our VGA and VGA audio cables suspends the EMI interference, grounded VGA shell for protection of electrostatic discharge

Description of product

A VGA/ VGA-Audio Cable is used to connect an analog PC monitor to a PC or Laptop. VGA Cables utilizes an HD15 connector to connect the monitor and PC/Laptop for Video and a 3.5 mm connector to PC/Laptop for Audio. Offers a very extensive selection of off the shield VGA Cable Assemblies and custom manufacture VGA/VGA-Audio cable assemblies to your exact specifications.


Specification Triple-coaxial + twisted-pair wire for crystal clear display Impedance matched at 75 Ohms for full brightness and vibrant picture color. Available in versions of 1.8 to 20 m (1.8, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 m).
Brand ODM

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